• The process of forming and developing Ngo boat race in Soc Trang

           Listening to the accompaniment songs, although rustic, but deeply rooted in people's hearts "Hay do do hay do mon ..." is the sacred call of the traditional festival that every Khmer citizen knows. This is the signal of the traditional festival of Ngo boat race of the Khmer people in Soc Trang in particular and the Khmer people in the Mekong Delta in general, which usually takes place on the days 14 th , 15 th of Ka -dath month, on f ull moon day of October of the Vietnamese lunar calendar respectively.


    STO - every year from August 29 th  to September 1 st  lunar calendar, the Southern Khmer in general and the Soc Trang Khmer people in particular hold the Sene Don Ta ceremony to commemorate the merits of their parents, deceased relatives and pray for the good and blessings of the living. Sene Don Ta ceremony has long been considered as one of the traditional rituals imbued with cultural identity of the Khmer in the South, which has been preserved for generations.


    Along with Ooc-om-boc and Sence Dolta festivals, Chol-Chnam-Thmay is one of the three most important festivals of Khmer people in the South in general and Soc Trang in particular. Chol-Chnam-Thmay takes place in mid-April every year. On these days, Khmer people everywhere will celebrate the new year together, which is also an opportunity for them to remember their ancestors and the buddha who protected them during the past year.


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