Soc Trang is famous for many delicious cakes such as Pia cake, Cong cake, shrimp puff pastry,... In addition, there is another equally famous cake. It's In cake (means printed cake). In cake has a white round shape. The cake is most used on the full moon time of August and the annual Ooc - Om - Boc Festival in Soc Trang, to give thanks to the Moon for giving people strength and good crops.


         The cake is made from the main ingredients: glutinous rice, granulated sugar, coconut milk. First of all, sticky rice must be dried in the sun and then roasted until it is properly cooked. This step is very important in determining the quality of the cake. When choosing sticky rice, you must choose new sticky rice, so that the white sticky rice won't turn yellow to have a beautiful white cake and delicious flavor. After roasting, bring the sticky rice to a puree and then mix it with white granulated sugar and prepared coconut milk to form a soluble mixture. Next, put the mixed mixture into the cake mold, press it tightly until you have a beautiful cake as you want, then turn the mold upside down, lightly tap it to make a beautiful white In cake. With the aroma of new sticky rice, the fatty taste of coconut milk mixed with the sweetness of sugar, enjoyed it with a cup of hot tea, that is fantastic.

          Today, the increasing demand of consumers along with advanced technology has produced a variety of In cakes with diverse designs with many attractive categories such as cakes with many types of fillings, cakes with yellow or white color. Consumers can choose according to their taste. Currently In cakes are sold all year round at Pia bakeries in Soc Trang province./.

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