Nga Nam Mam Ca Loc - Soc Trang specialty
Coming to Nga Nam, no one does not know about Nga Nam floating market and Tan Long stork garden which are attractive tourist destinations. In addition, Nga Nam is also very famous for its Mam Ca Loc (salty seasoning snakehead fish), which is loved by many people inside and outside the province.

    Mam Ca Loc is made from very simple ingredients: 5kg of snakehead fish, 300g of milled roasted rice, 1kg of salt, 400g of cane sugar. The process is as follows: Clean snakehead fish, split the spine, wash and drain, then pour the fish into a bowl, put a little salt and mix for about 2 hours, then pour into a basket to drain. Continue to add more than the initial amount of salt, mix the fish well and put it in the jar, cover the fish with a coconut shell and place two crossbars diagonally to compress the fish in the jar and close the lid for about 1 week. Then, soak the fish with salt, put the fish in a bowl, remove the water and wash the jar. Next, take 300g of milled yellow roasted rice, pour it into a bowl of fish, mix well, continue to put it in the jar, also take coconut mounds and stick to compact the fish, cover the jar, leave for about 10 days so that the fish is permeable to roasted rice mill.

Mắm cá lóc

The final stage, when the fish is soaked with the mill, then take the fish out, remove the water and wash the jar, use about 400g of cane sugar, mix it well with the fish and put it in the jar as tightly as the original, about 3 to 4 months later, you can enjoy the taste of Mam Ca Loc.

         Mam Ca Loc can be eaten raw, just tear it into bite-sized pieces, mix it with a little lemon, a little sugar, a little garlic and chili and mix it all up to taste. With the characteristic aroma of the dish, the sweetness of sugar and the sour taste of lemon mixed with the spicy taste of garlic and chili, it creates a craving for food. Mam Ca Loc is also made into many other attractive dishes such as: Cooking vermicelli, steaming with duck egg and meat, frying, ...

         To buy delicious Mam Ca Loc, visitors can go to many food stalls in Nga Nam market. Especially, house number 146, Hamlet I, Nga Nam town, Nga Nam district, Soc Trang province met Aunt Sau Banh. This is the best place to buy Mam Ca Loc in Nga Nam./.


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