For people in the South, Khot cake is a familiar and popular dish. Each small cake has a round shape just enough to bite in half or a large piece.

    This type of folk cake is not too difficult to make and the ingredients are also easy to find. The ingredients used to make the cake include: Rice flour, turmeric powder, wheat flour, coconut milk, chicken eggs, steamed peeled green beans, diced or crushed shrimp, green onions, garlic, chili, cooking oil and some other spices. First, it is necessary to prepare the cake in advance, including the main steamed beans and stir-fried shrimp with a little seasoning; Next, make coconut milk and sweet and sour fish sauce, prepare more raw vegetables, mainly lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts and herbs... To make the dough, we pour together rice flour, turmeric powder, a little wheat flour (makes the cake more crispy), chicken eggs, thin green onion, coconut water or filtered water with a little seasoning.

       The most interesting point is pouring the cake into the mold, it also needs to be very skillful. If you are unintentional, it will be easy to pour the dough out of the mold or pour the dough too thick, the cake will not be crispy and take a long time to cook. First, to pour the cake, it is necessary to put the cake mold on a very hot oven, use cooking oil to spread all over the molds. When the oil is hot, pour the dough into about 2/3 of the molds, put the lid on, wait a few minutes, then put the filling in the center of the cake, then close the lid and wait for about 2-3 minutes, then open the lid and use chopsticks to support peeling the cake off evenly. When the rim is dry and crispy, you can take it out and arrange it on a plate.

    The main cake has a very eye-catching turmeric yellow color, the crispiness and sweetness of rice, the fatty taste of coconut water and a blend of turmeric and green onions. Seeing and feeling the taste of the cake make you feel like you want to enjoy it right away. The cake is served with the above vegetables, coconut milk, sweet and sour fish sauce and a little spicy chili that will warm your heart.

    Currently, Khot cake is sold in many places at markets in the area. If you have the opportunity to come to Soc Trang, visit the city center market or Truong Cong Dinh street, Tran Hung Dao street, Soc Trang city to enjoy this cake.

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