Coming to Soc Trang, one of the most interesting things is to discover the special dishes of the three ethnic groups Kinh - Hoa - Khmer. Restaurants and eating houses have a variety of cuisines. Among those is Goi Da noodles - a strange dish which visitors once taste it will remember and want to eat again when having opportunity.


          Goi Da noodles is a country dish, also a specialty of Soc Trang province. I don't understand why it's called Goi Da noodles. Some people call Goi Gia noodles or Goi Va noodles, but Goi Da noodles is probably the best way to name it. It's also quite simple to make. After blanching the bean sprouts and vermicelli in the soup until fully absorbed, then put it in a bowl, put on a bowl of vermicelli sliced white bacon, boiled ground shrimps which have been cooked properly and peeled off the skins. The bowl of Goi Da noodles looks very attractive with the white of the meat, the pink of the shrimp, the green of the vegetables, the brown of the soy sauce and the red of the chili peppers.

          The unique feature of this dish is that the soup is specially prepared. People use sour tamarind and pure salty soy sauce as a seasoning, so the water has a sweet, fleshy and aromatic taste. In addition, this dish has many kinds of vegetables which people will not be bored.


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