Soc Trang is a province located in the Mekong Delta region, favored by nature, with a mild climate, and developed traffic, which are favorable conditions for people to do business in many fields. In terms of cuisine, each province or region has its own typical cuisine, as well as when talking about Nuoc Leo noodle soup, people immediately think of Soc Trang. In addition, Soc Trang is also famous for delicious dishes such as Pia cake, Cong cake, Goi Da noodles...

        Nuoc Leo noodle soup is a favorite dish of Soc Trang people, they can enjoy it everytime of the day at some eaterries located in Soc Trang city. If you come to Soc Trang, you should enjoy this dish once; you will find it very interesting and you will not forget this attractive dish.

          Nuoc Leo noodle soup is more and more famous which partially thanks to promotion from leaflets, flyers, through newsletters of Soc Trang Tourism Promotion Information Center, website: In addition, the Center invited the 36 Cuisines Unit (National Highway 1, Ward 2, Soc Trang City) to participate in fairs in the Mekong Delta region, combined with promotional materials and visitors’ chance to taste in person.

          The typical aroma of the steaming bowl of Nuoc Leo noodle soup with the main ingredients including: vermicelli, snakehead fish, shrimp, served with vegetables such as morning glory, bean sprouts, banana flower, herbs and a little delicious fish sauce which always attracts people. Especially the salted fish sauce - the ingredient that makes Nuoc Leo noodle soup more fragrant and delicious and the vermicelli turmeric and other things that have been blended together to make diners feel excited with the unique taste of noodle soup. In 2012, Nuoc Leo noodle soup was voted in the top 50 famous Vietnamese specialties.

       Coming to Soc Trang through the roads such as Le Loi, Phu Loi, Tran Hung Dao..., there are many eateries selling Nuoc Leo noodle soup. Among those, some eateries are considered as the most popular ones in Soc Trang city and are the destination for tourists with over 20 people one time such as: Phuong Giang noodle soup, Ba Xim noodle soup, Thao noodle soup, and Longan tree noodle soup, Bat Pagoda Restaurant (Satraco); Soc Trang field fish noodle soup..., The eateries are equipped with good tables and chairs. Each table has circular fans which serve customers timely. The eateries’ floors are lined with ceramic tiles. Under each table, there is a small trash bin for unnecessary things. The waiters and waitresses of those eateries behave very politely and gently with customers which is correctly described with the sentence "Please come, please go".

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